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Yoga for Women by Women!

What many people don't realize, especially since yoga has become so popular in the past twenty years, is that the development of classical hatha yoga, including most of the texts, were taught by men, to men. Designed for the intense spiritual demands of a warrior monk, it was only until recently that prominent teachers encouraged women to take up yoga.

In fact, the only mention in the Yoga Sutras that speaks to the 'physical' poses or asanas is Sthira and Sukham - Sweet and Steady. Traditional yoga has mastered steadiness and flexibility, however many of the poses can be rigid, even harmful if not practiced with enough sweetness.

S.W.A.Y. helps women particularly regain the soft, feminine sway of our hips, the gentle rocking of our pelvic floor, the natural sway of our backs, and the beautiful sweet embodiment of woman. S.W.A.Y. will reconnect you with Goddess Shakti--the divine feminine mother of all creation!


We've created a network for all yoginis worldwide to connect, share, learn & profit from each other!

SWAYnetwork.TV is a magnificent, interactive website that allows both teachers and students from around the world to connect LIVE, share, learn, support and empower each other, and make money doing it!

Teachers: Simply set up your webcam and let your followers (our tribe) join you as you teach your class from home, studio, or the beach; and get paid by the number of views or students who log in with you! Your current typical class that yields a small income could now make you thousands of dollars—maybe even millions! It's time for women to make money doing what they love while healing the world!

Students: Get ready to have access to thousands of live classes 24/7 taught by yoginis all over the globe! Along with SWAY yoga classes, you will find your favorite Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Bikram, Restorative, and Meditation teachers! Plus, you can also sign up for our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification!

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